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Theater is handicap accessible, if you need assistance when attending a show, please notify the theater in advance, and assistance will be waiting for you.


      Rome Community Theater

      P.O. Box 91

      Rome, New York 13442


         Phone: 315-337-5920


         Web Page Editor:



Reservations are Strongly Suggested

Reservations can be taken starting one week before each show.  Call the Box Office 315-337-5920, hours 6-9 PM.


At the door ticket sales available.



Rome Community Theater is located at 8911 Turin Rd (Rte. 26 North), north of the

City of Rome. Check MAPQUEST or Google, they will give you a map and driving directions.   


RCT Virtual Theater


“The Cat’s Meow” by John Ossowski Clink hear to watch "The Cat’s Meow"

“Pandemic Romance” by George J. Bryjak
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“Textbook Messages” by Ross Tedford Kendall
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“The Bickersons” by Philip Rapp

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 RCT Bylaws Announcement 

From the Bylaw Committee, all bylaw changes were approved.